Multisport Physio provides quality professional physiotherapy service to the local community as well as to sports people including members of the Devonport Squash Club.

The clinic has an emphasis on injury prevention and promotion of physical exercise for health and can provide specialised exercise prescription.

We value and understand the physical and  mental benefits that come with being active and involved in sporting activities. Whether you exercise for fun or participate in sport at a competitive or professional level you will inevitably experience injury.

We also know how frustrating this can be  especially when this  stops you from participating or doing your best.

If you have never been physically active and you are not sure how to begin our staff can give you the confidence and guide you to begin safely and work towards your goal.

We are not just a physiotherapy service for sports people however if you have an injury or are less agile or elderly we can help you. For our local elderly patients and less mobile we are also able to do home visits.


Our clinic is usually located inside the gym at the Devonport Squash Club. During the C-19 lockdown period, we will continue to offer our physiotherapy services via online consultations.


To help you at home during Covid-19 we have added some therapy and exercise products that you can buy directly from our supplier and that will be shipped to your doorstep.

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